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Seems like many of the problems the post describes (and much of what anarchist theory around these topics) involve notions of justice that center around supposedly unbiased third-parties, and outcomes that ultimately favor the well-being of cOmMuNiTiEs right?

Instead of figuring out the specifics of how to be the most unbiased/nonviolent/amoral/moral authority a third person can be, couldn't we try to imagine ways that we, as people who sometimes have our wills repressed through the use of violent force, can reclaim the our own strength after it has been taken away, and specifically how that can be done outside of the social realm? I don't need a binding arbitration to decide the best recompense for myself as the victim of violence, all I need is some empowerment and maybe a hammer. If I tell my friend that I need help, maybe they'll give me a hand in empowering myself through rectifying action, but I don't want my pain to be taken from me by some mass of others, who will surely leave their grubby fingerprints all over it. I want it to be mine to address.