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how defensive of you. i would not prescribe against anarchists pursuing inquiry into the field of forensics. of course you can learn from all field and disciplines. do you propose an anarchist university or anarchist trade school? how CNT-FAI of you.

yet i don’t share the urge to replicate each and every one of our current society’s structures, institutions, services and roles, but rebranded as anarchist, in a fantasy where we all live in an anarchist town diorama. we don’t have enough anarchists to go around for that, not even if we put together all the factions that are in complete disagreement and mean different things by it. reminds me of old west town tropes where the bartender is also the sheriff and the judge.

if you attempt to construct a society in practice you will end up with what we’ve got. anarchists are barely capable of being an element of defiance within existing societies, a marginal and recuperable one at that. i’m not preoccupied whether they’re the model constituents of a new model of society.

that said, group therapy mediation restorative/transformative justice struggle sessions are doable. liberal hippies are at the forefront. they should write a grant proposal to defund police and get those funds to pay for the training, capacitation, workshops, awareness raising, community engagement, incentives to assist regularly, child-care during the sessions.