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who you don't know, it's an accusation, then if there's multiple accusers, the story gets more complicated. As someone who's totally not involved you can maybe start piecing together information at this point. I was reading about the recent Marilyn Manson accussations, and sure maybe the victims are telling the truth, maybe not, but it definitely seems like he would do those things...i can never be sure of the information i get because it's all based on algorithms anyways. Sounds like very crazy stuff all the time.

Like i said, the things i hear about don't count for much of anything, but then i did hear it...overall it's pretty shocking how misleading headlines tend to be in general. Judgement doesn't really mean a whole lot to me. The more people who get involved with the conversation also means that there will be more mis-information.

i don't really understand what the difference between the salem witch trials is back then than all the different types of tribunals and courts now adays. Yeah sure, "God is dead" but, come on. Everyone hears something else about somebody and they totally believe it.