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I think that this is tldr for ANews. And I hate words like ‘futurity’. But I forced myself through most of it -

I like this sentence a lot: “ The left relishes in their own irrelevance, not realizing that it is autonomous individuals acting in anti-political, asymmetric formations that are proliferating insurrections and not their “organizing” by any means.“

Isn’t wanting to destroy the social order a form of prefiguration or at least a specific direction?
In a way it’s not as nihilistic as it implies. It’s clearly saying I want to make a choice to leave this world behind. I don’t want to escape to somewhere here and now, , I don’t want to reform, I don’t want to maintain, I don’t want to play within its unoccupied territories, I don’t want to save some things and get rid of others, I don’t want to stand with indigenous land defenders and be part of rediscovering a kinship with nature, etc.

Is nihilism saying anarchy is an unknown and can only be attained by destroying this world, or the world around each of us, here and now? Or?