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Yes, anarchists can and should have solidarity with people and it is clearly in an anarchists interest to oppose nation-states in their most authoritarian forms as well as in their least. But there is no reason to be aggressively ignorant about the ideological and political formations that are at play in any given conflict, especially if you plan to provide material or ideological aid to groups espousing said ideological and political formations. It seems many English-speaking anarchists don’t want to investigate beyond some vague humanistic feeling for oppressed people. There are numerous groups that are members of the PLO alone and numerous others beyond the PLO. There is a real question of choosing which ones to show solidarity with, if you are going to move beyond said vague humanistic feeling. Stop pretending like supporting nationalists is the only option. It isn’t. Anarchists Against the Wall were visible for a long time and I assume are still organizing in some capacity. Support your comrades in Palestine! Not their political enemies. If you can understand why Zionism is hypocritical, then you can understand why Arab nationalism can be hypocritical as well.