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"that Colonial Pipeline hack sets a good precedent of a big action with a big impact..."

you think that because you don't understand what happened with CP. It was not an internet attack: someone uploaded the ransomware within the network.

All companies with sensitive information or infrastructure do not connect to the internet. You can't use a single virus to destroy the whole internet, because the internet is dependent on a lot of different types of hardware. I see neo-liberalism as a formidable opponent because there's just crazy infrastructure everywheres d00d.

You speak as if it's important to to destroy Isreal's internet, as opposed to --- THE WORLD WIDE WEB! Bombs are typically not computer operated. But hey! You could sneak into to Isreal's parliament and place a time bomb under netanyahu's chair outside of office hours.

It is possible to fuck with infrastructure using ransomware and viruses. You remember stuxnet? The NSA programmed a virus suited for a certain controller which made its way into an Iranian nuclear power facility.

I'm still sad that my fellow german countrymen are seen as the ultimate authoritarians...i'll take care of THE PEOPLE'S SPOOK after i finish my slander lawsuit against Alexander Reed Ross! We'll see who the real agent is....


Towards the destruction of the german ideology!!!! DIE!!!!

....Wait, wait wait...sorry, i guess that sounded a little to violent. I'll settle for a duel in order to defend my --

my honor.