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That was one hell of a flame bait to have a TOTW bluntly positioning for another Nation-State (and one that is ethnically-determined), asking anarchists what we could do in order to oppose the made-up antagonist known as "ZIONISM". The criticism thrown at Rojava was legit, so why "Palestine" doesn't get the same treatment?


"Islam is the religion of the oppressed"?

Like some other commenter asked above (and I know that the Lefty politician who posted this thread is not going to answer, but I'll ask again regardless), what is the meaning of "free Palestine" behind the slogan?

I look at the entirety of the Palestinian movement's political groups, and it's always one or another version of a State-building, may it be in accord with the 1967 map with Hamas, or with the complete overthrow of Israel and chasing of Jews into the sea.

Groups like PFLP an Fatah have committed acts of terror against Jews worldwide, not just against the State of Israel. They've been attacking civilians, in synagogues and on airliners. These insuirgent groups are celebrated as freedom fighters by the BDS idiots in Western countries. There's literally posters of Layla Khaled and other Palestinian insurgent imagery at the BDS affiliated group at a university I know.

I don't care how these groups are supposedly "socialist" or "communist", even if that's true. They're for a notion of State power, they are for having a police and for going after the marginals and those they consider criminal. They are Red fascists, regardless of their support for actual historical fascists like the Nazis.

"What can we do?"

FUCK OFF from this site. lol