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The US empire's violent policies neither stand as justification for groups like Daesh, even less to support them. In Palestine they are actually giving more justification for Bibi's regime than anything else. Kinda like when they *cough* fucking *cough* shoot missiles at civilian targets *cough* fucking knowing how counter-effective that is...

You know like playing the other bad guy's bogeymen, so the other bad guy's got a good reason to bomb the hell out of your neighborhood. Binaries are shit 'til they become profitable to some people. And then some morons in the West think we should benevolently fight within these.

This is called "instrumentalization". And it's literally what the text of this TOTW is doing. Which is the reason why I'd like Thecollective to remove this authoritarian dog shit.

Anarchists are many different things, but surely not meant to be the volunteer (or paid?) black ops of any statist political faction. Black bloc, perhaps, but even the BB ain't anarchist by default.