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concerned anarchos support victims of state (or proto state) violence, and oppose those who benefit from state (or proto-state ) violence.

anarchos have the most difficult task here: campaingn against accumulated hate among victims of state (or proto state) violence in bopth sides. This is the first step, as we don't want people's relationships mediated or ruled by the economy, by the state or bby the military forces of any kind.

In any case, i can agree that Israel state is currently the biggest violator of natural order in the territories where it has the monopoly of force. This does not mean Hamas or Fatah (or whatever politicla movements that pretend to represent palestinian people) are against violation of this natural order. Totally the opposite, if they succeed, they would become the same as the current Israel state, on what concerns the spontaneous order....

So, let's not side with any of these movements, nor supporting their flags. Lets side with common people, with the victims of political violence and propaganda (be it the state or a proto-state movement)