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On the one hand, nationalism is an awful ideology, and segues into racism pretty easily. The idea of the nation is built on alienation from the body and nature, and dominance of the "higher" over the "lower". On the other hand, people oppressed because of their "race", "nationality" and so on will rally to nationalism pretty easily. People subjected to other people's nationalisms are oppressed, that's why nationalism's shit. And struggles agains oppression are a good thing, even when their politics aren't perfect. The ISM stuff IMO was completely justified, standing up to state violence in a way which literally saved lives.

The public opinion research on the conflict suggests that most Israelis are in favour of peace, but unwilling to support the concessions it would require; a majority think the Palestinians want to kill them all or drive them out of Palestine. Similar research on the Palestinian side shows most Palestinians do not want to do this, but they similarly expect (with more reason IMO) that the Israelis want to wipe them out or drive them out. I don't believe there's an equivalence, even though the blockages are similar on each side. Because of these perceptions, Israel has been pushing a narrative that siding with the Palestinians is anti-Semitic, and I've met people in the activist milieu who have fallen for this. It's no reason not to support Palestine, but I do think some Jewish people have legitimate worries about eventual Palestinian or Arab state victory and about backlash against Jews elsewhere. Anarchists need to be clear that we aren't in favour of ethnically cleansing Jews or carrying out a second Holocaust. But ethnic cleansing of Palestinians is a current, pressing issue. Kinda like how idpol-trained pigs murdering random white people would be bad in principle, but fascistically-trained pigs murdering random black people is a current, pressing issue.

We potentially have our own solution to propose (not just in Palestine). Every community has its own bolos, people decide if they're mixed or separate, but they all get equal land, or enough that they're self-sufficient. Disband the armies, each bolo has its own self-defence capacity. Grassroots peacebuilding/conflict resolution to redress grievances. Immigrants welcome, and nobody ethnically cleanses anybody else. Aim for a balance of forces in alliances among individual communities such as to make it difficult for a militarily dominant coalition to emerge. Practically, this means we're for Palestinians resisting occupation, villagers fighting house demolitions etc. We're not for nation-states, nationalism, ethnically cleansing Jews or anyone else, or attacks targeting civilians/non-oppressors. Doesn't mean we have to buy into the counterinsurgency duty to condemn either; of course people who respond unjustly to unjust oppressions are not monsters and should not be punished or demonised, at most they are POWs, and the spirit of insurgence against oppression is a great good even when it is misdirected. (Same general principle applies to global Islamists, school shooters and even some fascists IMO). In animist cosmology, justice is the restoration of cosmic balance; this happens when the initial imbalance is redressed, not when each of the knock-on aggressions is counterbalanced with equal or greater sadism. Sometimes this means siding with the oppressed, sometimes it means building a new harmony that didn't exist before.