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Sadly most nationalist/religious/ethnic conflicts involve a certain amount of fascistic rhetoric on all sides. But in the series of nationalist/religious/ethnic conflicts, Palestine is anomalous because the west still sides so heavily with Israel. Elsewhere the western states and bodies like the UN have encouraged a standard pacted peace model. This normally involves power-sharing and federalism: each community de facto self-governs "its" areas, armed groups are integrated into "security services" which are reconstructed with ethnic parity (or turn into political parties), central power is so arranged that groups have to share it, ex-combatants are demobilised and some attempts made to rehabilitate them, then everyone's meant to get on with neoliberal money-making - intractable issues like the Irish border or the right to secede are put on the backburner. You'll find variants of this in Lebanon, Rwanda, Burundi, Bosnia, Kosovo, Cyprus, Northern Ireland, etc. Of course, a statist solution never brings peace and justice; in these cases the fly in the ointment is usually that neoliberalism doesn't create enough stable livelihoods for the disaffected youths. Either they start/join new insurgencies or turn to violent crime which needs a similar skill-set. Also, the last thing we want is a "neutral" police force acting on behalf of a cross-ethnic elite, doing to everyone what before was only done to outgroups. Anarchist SSR: police and army abolition, dispersed self-defence; anarchist DDR: land reform/occupation plus worthwhile lives for everyone - including the kinds of joy that aren't available in an army.