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In this case -that I agree with- the enemy to fight wouldn't be "ZIONISM!" or "Islamo-fascist terrorism", but simple the conflict as a whole, as the situation entirely created by nationalists on both sides. People have ways to avoid/ignore/counter the indoctrination and polarization, as it is rare that people cannot escape these territorializations.

Poor people in the Middle-East and Africa have been radicalized and made into violent insurgents by what amounts to be mafias. I got experience of knowing a young dude in Greece who's been into one of the insurgent groups of Syria. He was recruited as a young child and shown how to kill at early age, but a wealthy family. He was airlifted from the Lybian "insurrection" against Ghaddafi to the conflict in Syria. I'm pretty sure it's the same deal with Hamas, Hizbullah and PFLP. People who fell prey of awful hierarchies, basically. The guy was still being harassed by this family while living in Greece.

This is why I can't go with the "anti-imperialism" takeaway snack anymore. An opposition group or even movement ain't legit just by opposing the bigger badder guys, and they might end up just being players for the latter.

Anarchist could use some more criticism against those ideological binaries, as they are toxic and often paper-thin covers for nasty shit going on underneath.