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If you are asking what my concern is with this Crimethinc piece then I already expressed in my first post that I am in fact concerned about antisemitism in the way the piece is written. Not explicit antisemitism, so I am not calling it out as anti semitic. But yeah that is what I wrote was my concern in the first post I made. Jewish self-determination is erased from the narrative and Jews are portrayed as being fascists, Zionists, and whatever besides comrades. The author links to Crimethincs piece about anarchist Jewish and Arab solidarity in Israel-Palestine but then they go in to discuss all the foreign power involved in backing Jews and none of the power involved in backing Arabs in the region. It just assumes Palestinian Arabs are indigenous and Jews aren’t, basically. Among other things like using terms like Judaize and not Arabize. Ignores the history of Islam’s spread to the region. Yes I am concerned about all that. When Jews in LA are getting physically attacked by pro-Palestinian marchers and anarchists in the USA are silent on it, I worry about where these narratives are taking us all.