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Also, I am putting away $100 a month towards supporting Jewish-Arab solidarity against nationalism (Arab, Palestinian, and Zionist) and against Israel’s oppression of Palestinians. This kind of shit form Crimethinc gives me fucking zero direction as to what groups I could support that have both Jewish and Palestinian Arab interests at heart. It especially doesn’t tell me what actual anarchists can do to support this struggle without contributing to the nationalism that co-opts grassroots Palestinian struggle. And this is a fucking problem that becomes more clear when you look at the groups that compose the PLO, at Arab Socialism, etc. The Left has Socialist and Marxist (authoritarian) organizations in the region it can support that are integrated into the broader Arab and Palestinian political amalgam, but what do anarchists have? What it looks like to me, a Jew in the United States whose comrades seem to care less right now if nationalists attack because of what Israel does, is that the anarchist movement in the United States is OK with “solidarity” for the Left in Israel-Palestine and could give two shits about grassroots Jewish-Arab resistance and solidarity, especially anarchist solidarity.

The movement of American Jews (the largest population of Jews outside Israel) towards the Right is a big problem in this big struggle and a big part of that move comes from the Left alienating Jews and the Right’s nationalist bullshit looking like a better option. I worry a lot that anarchists are following a similar pattern with writing like this piece. But worse with IGD’s recent statement. Anarchists could come from a place of recognizing Jewish history AND Palestinian Arab history as a struggle against nationalism, but instead they are repeating narrative that subsumes Jewish self-determination in the Zionist project and then ignores the rest of the Jews who are opposed to Zionism, all while also ignoring the Arab nationalists that are supporting Palestinian resistance. The outcome of that sort of weight is that more people are going to attack Jews thinking that they are somehow supporting Palestinian non-nationalists. It’s disgusting and shameful.

Tell me where I can send $100 a month to solidarity work on the ground in Israel-Palestine that wouldn’t amount to supporting groups that enflame anti-semitism. I’ll send it. That’s real material support. But I’m not going to support nationalist groups who are overtly or by being cowards, going to advance Arab nationalist interests that include the ethnic cleansing of Jews.