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much more sexually aggressive and looser than you find in modern society, read "Sex at Dawn" for more information about this. The only point i was trying to make before is it's not as simple as "before industrial society" and "at bars", because there's plenty of evidence of primitive societies (such as the tribes in the Old Testament) having serious restrictions on sexual relations, often within a patriarchal framework. Also, i don't consider getting trashed in bars really to be an example of "liberated sex", i don't want to have get trashed in order to get down, lol. I especially don't want to get accused of rape the next day. There aren't a whole lot of ways to keep a handle on a situation when you've drank lots of alcohol.

However, i do think that for whatever reasons, the 21st century and 20th century are perhaps the most prudish eras to ever exist in western nations. I say this because I THINK even in heavily christian Europe people were more open about their bodies and "less decent". I guess maybe now adays with long life expectancies, people are inclined to moralizing about the consequences of bumping uglies?