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read...or even think about what they say very hard. A straw man is false artifice within a conversation used with the intention of bewildering/distracting opponents and onlookers. It's very similar to max stirner's spooks, but a strawman has connotations of being used by manipulative people in debates, whereas stirner's spooks have more of a religious connotation.

Hence, the fact that you are literally saying that anarchists are not allowed to have pets is puritanical. What if they already have pets? What a conundrum! Looks like they are facing the fires of hell, right?

You are also citing one definition of pets without any of the others. Looks like someone actually does believe that words have meaning without human participation and interaction.

Focus, you fucking priest. If pets are so terrible, and immediately imply oppression, then what are all the anarchists with pets going to do with them? Set them free to die in the streets? Take them to their local vet to murder them? Quick, your status in Dante's Inferno depends on your immediate reaction to my post!

Ye pharisees and does not need to be of Jewish faith in order to act like them.