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Poly and Other Relationships, on Immediatism

Immediatism has been looking at relationships and how anarchist views, and ways of talking about relationships, have changed over time. This was done by reading all of the following pieces in chronological order, followed by a piece translated by Seaweed as an encore. Here, you have Emma Goldman and Voltairine de Cleyre to compare with Clemence x Clementine and Andie Nordgren.
Most pieces discuss free love and polyamory, but Episode 507 by Aviv Etrebilal, celebrates and validates the option to be monogamous in a milieu of polyamory. Sandra Jeppesen suggests queering heterosexuality in Episodes
505 and 506. Don't miss the latest piece, Kill the Couple in Your Head, Episodes 513 and 514 for a thorough analysis of where anarchist relationships are at presently, and the suggestion to do away with the conceptual category of sex altogether.

They Who Marry Do Ill
Marriage and Love
A Green Anarchist Project on Freedom and Love
Towards Consenting Relations
Manifesto for Relationship Anarchy
Love Without Borders?
Polyamory & Queer Anarchism
Against the Couple Form
Queering Heterosexuality
Butterflies, Polyamory & Ideology
Scarce or Abundant, Nothing About Love Should be Casual
The Opposite of Rape Culture is Nurturance Culture
Finding Revolutionary Love
Process Centered Love
Kill the Couple in Your Head
Sexual Liberation, Love Between Comrades, and Avante-Garde Movements

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