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Attack in Solidarity w/ Russian Anarchists

via Kontrapolis

Attack on Engine, Wisag and Kone cars, in solidarity with russian anarchists.

During the night of the 30th of May we attacked four cars owned by companies that work with and profit from the jail system, we hate. With this we want to express our solidairity with the russian anarchists who are currently in custody.

We answerd the call of our comrades from Russia by a coordinated time action in one neighbourhood of Berlin. We smashed the windows, stab the tires, and tagged on them: „free all prisoners“, „jail profiter“, „burn all prisons“, „defend R94“ and „ACAB“.

As we have a deep hate for police, justice and jail, we are used to attack the companies that have capitalistic interest in the penal system. We targeted two cars of Kone, who work on the accessibility and security system of jails, one car of Engine, who invests in building jails and detention centers, where are people who dont have the right documents and one car of Wisag, who support and feed the security obssesion by collaboration with explotation, control, repression and deportation. There will be an infinity of next times because we just can not sit and stay calm in front of this.

Solidarity with Azar Miftakhow who took six years of jail for smashing the windows of a building of Putins ruling party „Edinaya Rossiya“.

Solidarity with the comrades of the Canskih case who are accused of training for terrosrist activities.

The russian government tries to destroy any hope of change and revolt by hunting, detaining and sometimes torturing those who attack or stand against the regime. We will always be on their side.

We chose to act on the 30th of May because there was a call for mobilization with many gatherings in France from collective and familys in solidarity with prisoners.

We also wanted to fight side by side with our comrades of Rigaer 94, the house is currently under threat of eviction. We will not wait for the announced day of attack on the 17th of June to act and show that attacking our friends does not come without lost. Rigaer 94 is a space where our struggles flourish for a long time now. We strongly believe that intensifying and continuing our attacks against the existing system is the way to defend Rigaer 94 and everything that this space means for us.

We have plenty of nights in front of us.


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