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I didn't make it very far into this.

The idea that one pamphlet or one book is going to be everything and say everything is ludicrous, why do podcasters insist on this formulation? Of course Desert has weak points, of course Desert doesn't cover every contingency.

My main takeaway is Desert is best read after the reader turns 40. The youth still have too much belief in the goodness of others, too much hope in the possibility of change for the better and too much belief in their own capacity to make the ends they think they want.
There won't be global revolution inaugurating the Anarchist utopia because there is no global solution ,ie no one size fits all remedy for the shit we face.
(Not to mention, these podcasters don't see climate catastrophe as happening now because they are not looking much beyond their own noses. Look up children, look to island nations to see climate catastrophe has happened already.)