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The Froghouse was an average bourgeois premises which enjoyed a temperate climate and abundant shade from the many large deciduous trees common in this region. The offspring of the dominant species collected in what are referred to as --bachelor pods---for security. It can be a harsh and lonely world when fate, misfortune, and parental discipline act against the irreverent youthful exuberances of the young males who take out their sexual frustrations against the very abode that shelters them. Under the influence of the many mind-altering substances peddled to these inquisitive youth by money hungry cartels some vandalism does occur, though some regard the spray painted slogans akin to the cave art that their ancestors decorated the walls of their caves with. Sometimes a lonely female will befriend one of the young males and live at the Froghouse for a short time before both of them found the stench and chaos unbearable and disturbing their amorous pursuits and vacate voluntarily. This usually coincided with a sudden increase in cash for the couple and a departure from their former rebellious attitudes, mullet hairstyles, and skinny jeans and instead paying rent, trying to be nice by either working with people or trading things, and usually led to a pregnancy for the female and the survival of the species away from the desyructive nihilistic influences of the Froghouse.