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"Sometimes a lonely female will befriend one of the young males and live at the Froghouse for a short time before both of them found the stench and chaos unbearable and disturbing their amorous pursuits and vacate voluntarily. This usually coincided with a sudden increase in cash for the couple and a departure from their former rebellious attitudes, mullet hairstyles, and skinny jeans and instead paying rent, trying to be nice by either working with people or trading things"

I could be wrong, but given your predictable misunderstanding of socio-economics (found in every poet's dead angle) you seem to not get that they were just fucking yuppie youngsters, using or abusing the meat-space provided by more radical people than themselves for their own formation of social-sexual capital, therefore this squat (was it really one?) has only helped in steering them back to the normie world (couples, artsy jobs, cash, lofty flats, and yoga, lol).

So this explains the detail of that "sudden increase in cash", as they were already privileged trust-fund kids, duh. Same old story with squats or communal houses that are open to those people. The crusty culture ain't enough to keep them away, as it's the appeal of social entropy that attracts them from the start... So entropy should be valued as much as they've been valuing it in their own "art" for decades already.