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1. Wdym exactly by “social-sexual capital”? Do you just mean, at base, making yourself as attractive and desireable a partner as you can? If so, then how are you, or anyone else, any different? Don’t we all engage in that sort of thing?

2. What’s wrong with being in a couple or having a loving monogamous relationship, esp. if you eventually intend to raise kids and start a family? Or, more to the point, what is it about sleeping around or being part of a “polycule” that makes you so superior? Some people have argued that being in a thruple, a polycule, or wtv, as just an extension of the couple-form anyway, with all the co-dependency and jealousy struggles and all the rest.

3. What’s wrong with cash? Specifically, having it? We live in a world where we need money to live. Generally, the more cash you have, the more options you have. Like, even if my plan is to go totally off grid, I still need cash upfront to acquire tools, lay down all the infrastructure I need, etc. Why glorify being poor?

4. What’s your problem with Yoga? I get that in the west it has its liberal/new age trappings, but suffice to say that yoga-practice is very very old and should be seen as on par with brushing your teeth and getting a full 8 hours sleep every night. You are, in essence, just taking care of yourself and offsetting the more debilitating effects of old age on your body. So again, what’s the big deal?

It just seems to me that contemporary anarchism in North America makes this really weird fetish out of being a totally dysfunctional human being: (having no money, having no job, eating like crap, doing hard drugs, sleeping around recklessly, never exercising, never having a stable longterm relationship or having children, etc).

Seriously what’s up with that? Anarchism is turning into a caricature of itself.