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Colonies of species congregate in areas of splentiful food and population levels self-regulated according to food supply, the availabi.ity of water and clean hygenic living conditions. Usually the species mantained a nomadic existence so that they never resided in one place for too long and suffer illnesses caused by the accumulation of fecal matter, rotting rubbish and pathogens which thrived in crowded living conditions. This can all change if industry and modern medicine combine to produce overpopulation in thousands of cities.
Since aný doctrine such as Zerzan's which promised a reduction by death from starvation and diseases of 75%, or 5 billion people was frowned upon as a tad minimalistic and totalitarian akin to the genocidal Nazi policies of the 20th Century, and was scoffed at by many anarchs pursuing a lassé faire deconstruction of growth and consumerism.