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Peculiar Mormyrid on Immediatism podcast

Immediatism is pleased to share three surrealist pieces from the magazine Peculiar Mormyrid. Minneapolis Athenor, the first piece, describes the insurrectionary response to George Floyd's murder. Our Game, the second piece, celebrates the patience of insurrectionary anarchists. The last text, Our World, the Dreamer, has an interesting take on the stance that people are not outside of Nature. Casi Cline claims that humans are cruel, foolish, and self-destructive because Nature is cruel, foolish, and self-destructive. Together, these pieces offer a small sample of some of the anarchist-leaning texts within the Peculiar Mormyrid project, which has nine issues out, each available in either black and white or color. You can also enjoy the surrealist art and writing through full-text pdfs of each issue at

Minneapolis Athenor

Our Game

Our World, The Dreamer

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