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"Flowery language should be made more direct."

Speak how this author wants, or else!

"...there has to be decisions to kill people and send some people off to die so that others may live."

Ok, I decide; you die, I live. Go!

".. we all (including the comrade-artist’s political organization’s members) must gradually learn how to, and must do it under leadership that creates a relative centralism necessary to manage the economy and to win in a war."

We? All? Must?

Wow, this author has the power to WILL the author they're responding to and the rest of humanity to do their bidding.

"I have my own criticism of PSL but to ignore the work that they have done in getting people to understand this is wrong."

This line by itself makes sure there's no chance of someone taking this author seriously, even if by accident. It's an overkill really, considering the whole article.

"...they find themselves being more friendly with liberal and social democrats who likewise have a preference for handing out lukewarm vegan burritos because of how nonthreatening it is, then to get their hands dirty with Marxists and other revolutionaries willing to take an arrest."

Look here, Denise. The vegan burrito is free. It's not meant to be threatening. You came to this table. You don't have to eat it. If you're willing to take an arrest, feel free to take it. I hear they serve warm carny burritos in prison.

Hopefully this is just another sample of Filler PGH's sense of humor and this is all just a parody illustrative of the some of the worst aspects of these kind of communists. As a parody, it's a bit of a strawman, yet a plausible hoax nonetheless.