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I'm grateful to Julian Langer for writing this piece, and to whoever posted it on Anarchist News; this is the first I've heard of Zerzan's new book, which I'm looking forward to starting next week (too bad I had to order it on Amazon). I'll have to leave any critical judgements of my own until then, but I wonder if Langer is aware that Asperger's Syndrome - one of the key diagnostic terms for autism - was named after a doctor who enthusiastically participated in the Nazi child euthanasia program while working at a hospital in Vienna during World War II? It was there that he studied children who had been confined because they didn't fit in - exhibiting what were considered anti-social tendencies; the more unfortunate inmates were killed, if they were considered irredeemable. From the very beginning, Asperger's Syndrome has been an inherently subjective diagnosis, shaped by the political, social, and intellectual climate of the times (remember that homosexuality was classified as a mental illness until just a few decades ago).