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I don't really have any friends, I've been parts of "groups" usually formed around some plan or idea or action but I haven't really had any friendships that have gone beyond being in these groups. Perhaps this speaks to my anti-social tendencies, or how terrible a person I am to be around, but in a way I think this mainly just speaks to what we are pursuing or trying to get out of life. For most, if not all of these groups, the direction I'm trying to take my life just isn't compatible with the way they are taking theirs and think the best thing I can do is identify what exactly it is i am after (if anything) and how i want to implement that into our life (if at all).

So for most of the people I've left behind? We probably feel equal amounts of disgust towards each other. But just as we are ever changing so too can we have people come and go out of our lives. And fostering this coming and going I think is a great way to combat the burdens of expectations and not limiting our selves to who we used to be, while still building and enjoying relationships in the moment.