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Particularly on the Italian side which was not as virulent as ze German variant you would have probably had something like a more repressive FDR dictator for life. And this is not to make it look good. Unlike many of the US left I fucking hate FDR and what he brought to the table. That whole welfare state/command economy epoch was a mark of radical 19th century decline. I can only imagine an even worse world where the appeal of fascism continued and was a sustained 3rd position on a geopolitical level.

Let's not forget that for certain subjects(queers, sexual minorities radical sexual females ect) that whole Fordist era was a gestapo police state. Modern welfare state ideology has always had an ugly side with the exception being the Scandinavian parts for various reasons(not being big military states for one)

We MIGHT be going back to something like a 19th century context if the John Michael Greer types are correct and this could be a preferable set of historical cards for anarchism and anarchy. I am MUCH more concerned about an indefinite Philip K Dick in the ass cybernetic society then I am any kind of contraction or decline which I very much welcome.