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Class Warrior (not verified)
Interesting point about not trying to trigger an unwinnable war

The part about "Never take actions in the hopes of helping in part instigate a revolutionary war sooner than it’s reasonable to believe you would have the capability to win" was quite a serious issue in the United Snakes last year, especially from late August through Jan 6.

Problem is, the other side can start it unilaterally, so you have to prepare even if you never want to start it at all. Whole sections of the extreme right did all they could to force a civil war in the US, from shooting at us in the street, to car attacks, to planning false flag attacks on such things as the Jan 20 2020 gun rights rally in Richmond. Had they gotten it going, we would have been forced to fight an enemy with far more ammunition and weapons than we have, the alternative being to be slaughtered without a fight. Worst of all, it would have not been the current "3-way fight" alignment, but ourselves alone vs the cops and Nazis fully in alliance with each other and little infighting.

Now we get four more years to get ready. Now in some places some of the cops fight for the facists, but others remember being beaten with flagpoles bearing that bullshit "thin blue line" flag. Now its a 3 way fight between Biden, the Nazis/white nationalists/fascists, and the progressive left. Now the fash get four years to expend resources on defense and take losses, while we can build and train.

We need to show that we cannot be easily or cheaply defeated. Oftentimes, that's enough to kill the enemy's appetite for war. Then you don't have to kill anything else. That gets us another four years, and so on down the line.

Even major wars are subject to this calculation: in the mid to late 1930's, both the UK and Nazi Germany tried to delay the start of WWII while furiously building warplanes, submarines, surface ships, and tanks. Each tried to delay the other while they rearmed. Even after it started, and with Hitler and Stalin both knowing war was inevitable, same stalling all the way to that bullshit peace treaty between them that neither intended to keep.

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