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Last night I was listening to old anarchybang episodes, and I'm thinking of what Aragorn! said about how anarchism will hopefully continue to be passed down until someone is able to use it more effectively than us... Not to be a futurist but I like the thought of carrying on a knowledge and practice which might be valuable to people I will never meet. I don't intend to live *for* that knowledge, but it'd be nice if what I learn in my own life is carried on so that somebody else doesn't have to figure everything out the hard way.

Then again, I think one of the best things about the position of anarchists now is that we have to more or less invent a new way of life. Not to say that we don't have any culture that's been handed down to us, but there is very little in the way of actual practices for living our lives. So I hope that to the extent we are able to pass anything on, that it doesn't prevent a continuous reevaluation and reinvention of what it means to be an anarchist.