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Rand is complex in a puerile way, resembling the smug rich sociopath with the whole world at their feet. The arrogant narcissist, whether a winner gloating in their fortune, or the loser depressed by their failure and wallowing in feelings of low self-esteem, both resemble a kind of ascetic and are not a dichotomy, but a continuum of the same mindset under opposite material circumstances. Rand abhors the loser (she grimaced at disabled children), blaming their misfortune upon their character and not the --objects-, because for her Objectivism, rational reality is there to be conquered without skepticism, humility or compassion. Resembling a fundamentalist religious doctrine of selfish acquisition yet forbidding interference or force, her pacifist essays never delved very deep into the emotional and empathic dimensions of the human condition, similar to the monastic orders of disciplined ascetics reaping the field in a coccoon of unrestrained smug righteousness. Around the middle of this continuum are those who are able to consider that their own personal interests are a part of a society of many interests which could be reined into conflict and/or cooperation. Self-worth projects itself outwards into a social worth which leads to not selfishness nor selflessness (types of asceticism); it leads to compromise, fairness, and hopefully better world.
This is just my own theory on the psychology of aggressive individual selfishness,