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"Are the alpha sports peeps ascetics?"

No everyone (to my knowledge) involved in the Olympics is a materialist in some way, they live in homes, they get payed money, even their victories (and losses are a social value that I consider materialist. To me being an ascetic is to exist completely outside of civilization.

I used to associate with primitivism and anti-civ but the likes of Zerzan, post civ anarchists and neo-luddites have led me to distance myself. I would say I'm more interested now this Eco-Extremists but I'm definitely not a part of the tendency since while some of them are ascetics they are focused solely on Attack, which I think is too solely focused on the material world, though I find their attacks admirable. Also while I may lean more nihlist in my rejection of positive construction I think I am very firmly not a nihlist, since nihlists believe these positive constructions are impossible, I think they are only limited, so where nihlists purely attack, to me attack is only one aspect of asceticism. This "spirituality"/immateriality to me is a possible positive construction that I have associated more with an absurdism. But tbh I mainly just appropriation that word because I like it, not necessarily because I think my ideas actually align with the school of thought.