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In the case of Francisco and Monica they are promoting a resistance movement inside and outside prisons, specifically to the repression of the Chilean Uprising, which has been strongly influenced by anarchist theory, practice, solidarity and mutual aid. For them it must be frustrating that anarchism and the Left are plagued by schisms, splits and petty power plays.
Which prisoners to support with very limited resources depends on many circumstances.
For example I think Crimethinc did a post supporting the Vaughn 17.. revolutionaries but not anarchists with the comment.. "Bringing these two very different insurrectionary currents together has the potential to enrich us all in unimaginable ways, open up our vision, threaten the State, and bring us closer to collective liberation''.
Closer to home, we just shared Freedom's post supporting the just sentenced prisoners of the Bristol KIll The Bill demonstration in March. Nobody should ask 'But are they Anarchists? And from what "sect"?. we know that they lost their freedom fighting for ours, and that Bristol is one of the few places where anarchism has a following, which, as in Chile, is more than enough.