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I was just released from prison 6 Days ago . There is an issue with correspondence in prison with anarchists from my prospective. I Used the Radical contact list in the back of The Slingshit Collectives 2021 planner. I wrote many letters to these contacts . The only replys I got from any organization consistently was Little Black Cart .
The total amount of reply out of approx 70 -80 letters ,Was the Austin Texas Group ,who sent me a pamplet telling me what pamplets they offered . The Left Bank Books Adress sent me a book printed by AK press on Anti-Authoritarianism . The Abolitionist sent me a news paper free. Little Black Cart ( my preferred literature go to) sent me multiple letters even though they were extremely busy .
In my opinion, I felt as though , Solidarity in the Anarchist milieu would be stronger especially since we are a minority. We can grow with each other . Learn and move forward into a real solidarity. This is my hope .

I purposely and carefully chose my wording on each letter to not incriminate anyone by responding. It started to crush my spirits. I now realize that if I want a change in Solidarity that I must represent that desired change .