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The anti-masker attitude is akin to not wearing a condom, more so than to the person getting an abortion. Not wearing the condom, or not being sterilized as well (which would be akin to getting vaccinated) is the negligent act which could lead to a pregnancy (akin to infection) and the health care services needed for abortion or labor/delivery (akin to being hospitalized and put on respirators).

An anti-masker does not alleviate anyone any burden by their action, while endangering and potentially burdening others (same with condom). I can't imagine a scenario in which it isn't an exclusively selfish act.

Someone who has an abortion might be alleviating a burden to other people, like for example someone who already has other children they take care of and not enough time, resources, support for another pregnancy, so it's not necessarily an exclusively selfish act.

There are also countless cases of people who have been made pregnant, and give birth, and care for children against their will, but it would be hard to find a case of someone made to wear a breathing mask against their will. In fact, the contrary is true, anti-maskers forcing other people to remove their masks.