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This talk HOPE 2020 (2020): Hackers in a Post Roe v. Wade World , among many other things, that google, phones, and different apps are tracking people's data to criminalize abortions. For searching for such basic knowledge, for example such as this:, but also googling pregnancy symptoms, period trackers, and other online behavior.
It mentions the most common abortion method is Mifepristone + Misoprostol.
The need for good infosec and opsec (vpn, tor, etc) when sourcing, and making sure source and product are legit.
There's also manual vacuum aspirators, a medical device that can be used by a nurse, can be bought on Alibaba and ebay.
These could in theory be 3-d printed.
There's also the Del Em which is an improvised device that can be easily made, and used by a trained group of 3, but it has low effectiveness compared to the prior methods discussed.