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If it is a sovereigns in conflict, an assumption cannot be made that because someone doesn't have a mask on that they are infected with disease and contagious. That's blatant irrational fear. Might as well say that if a black person comes to your gathering that they're a criminal thug who is going to rape your women. Might as well say that your anarchist book fair is an insurgency against the government and the fbi should raid it and imprison attendees.

A person wearing a mask and who gets vaccinated and social distances is fully protect against any possible threat and is responsible for protecting themselves not imposing mandates or restrictions upon anyone else.
The fact is, an unvaccinated person has more to fear from a vaccinated one than the other way around. After getting the shot the person goes around shedding the virus and is infectious to those around them. That's medical science by peer review medical journals.

A person who doesn't have covid going up in your face and breathing is totally harmless, a bit annoying and invasive of personal space, but safe.

Facts over fear.