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Nice chump trolling but:

- Masks are not meant to protect you against anything. You'd need an N95 or something higher for protection... Spring 2020 where've you been?

- Vaccines do not offer full protection against the virus. Proof being that several countries, starting with Israel, with the highest vaxx rates also got a significant Delta variant wave, for ??? reason. A healthy lifestyle and nutrition is key to a good protection against such a virus. Keep sugar intake as low as possible, and consume kale and oranges regularly to keep the immune system strong.

- Social distancing is irrelevant, and this is why many governments enforced masking regulations. Water droplets can travel further than 2 meters when sneezing without blocking your mouth. The release pressure is from 5 to 24 times the Pa you get at high exhalation of breath (like when yelling or something).

Now let's talk about your FEAR of the Covid God for a moment...