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Eugenics and biopolitics in general is not so much about extermination, as thanatopolitics, but about potentiating life. Eugenics and anarchism have a history together. What would be interesting in discussing is the overlap between body modification and genetic modification. The person with a womb can not only opt to carry on with the pregnancy or abort it, but also alter the genetic makeup of the embryo before birth in what's called "designer babies". Transhumanists are the most vocal advocates of body autonomy with regards to morphological freedom, and also embrace all aspects of being cyborg and using techne to accommodate for functional diversity, slandering anything other than techno-utopia as ableist. Yet if the technology allows for it, they'd eradicate all genetic predisposition to illness, as well as take other eugenic measures, as well as eschew bodies in favor of shape-shifting holographic anime avatars.

Yet abortion comes in many varieties, the low-tech herbal and infanticide, and the high tech pharmaceutical and modern medicine using industrial products. Even higher tech alternatives to deal with pregnancies and reproduction have been imagined, like artificial wombs, cloning, etc.

Yet regardless of all of that, the issue of laws governing bodies remains. A service is criminalized, an action, an insertion, an ingestion, an expulsion. Anarchists oppose that, whether they're primmies or transhumanists. Liberals need the law to condone it, conservatives need the law to repeal it.