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to me this incessent wrangling over whose experts are more expert is ridiculous. no one online is going to trust some other anon online. get the fuck over yourselves.

what is this level of conversation good for? it's good for perhaps learning more information about something you care about (which this straight up NUH UNH gets in teh way of).

it might be good for understanding the breadth of the disagreement you have with some other ill-defined group of people that might as well be cops or moles or whatever the fuck because this is ONLINE AND ANONYMOUS. so there is NO REASON to get het up about whether someone agrees with you or not.

i say this for whomever here is capable of hearing me, so not makhno.

anybody else want to have a more interesting conversation about, you know, the boundaries between bodies? how they do and don't exist? where our lines are from one relationship (or moment) to the next?