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guess it seems like a nuanced, good faith conversation would be necessary for the topic and how well do those tend to go around here?

i'm always doing my best to respect people's comfort levels until they really seem to be over reaching for bad reasons.

my background is such that i'm often dealing with the huge spectrum of random people's reactions to arbitrary rules while sharing space since long before the pandemic. most are far too meek and accepting which is typical and sad. then you've got the ones who try to assert themselves in clumsy ways that reveal their stunted skills and narrow motivations for doing so, probably because most of us are poorly socialized for this stuff? regardless of which side of the fence?

what's rare is someone who's fully able to hold their ground when necessary as well as being accommodating and fair minded, which I suppose is the paragon of an anarchist in my wildest, most optimistic imagination for personal conduct. luckily i'm accustomed to disappointment!

anyway, bodily autonomy would be covered by all this too. of course it should be obvious from a liberatory perspective but the devils in the details with exactly where your bubble of liberty collides with another. simple as paying a lot of attention to what signals you're getting from other humans, none of which has anything to do with the state or its mandates.