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This may be trivial, but vaccine passports go hand-in-hand with mandates (at least partial mandates for more or less specific professions).

I'm worried of how, in the Covid State, when a new tactic's floating around, getting spinned around the MSM -even speculatively- it'll tend to become a reality later on.

The absurdity is how we've got a new wave flaring up in Canada -one that is becoming comparable in size as the first wave of March/April 2020- and some other massively-vaxxed countries, and the experts are attempting to blame it on the non-vaxxed, so this is set as precedent for enforcing a systematic vaxx mandate, to everyone.

If they could pull off a curfew just on the pretense of keeping people from evening visits to relatives in the evening.

Also can Thecollective please quit behaving like Twitter and censoring ANY comment that's even barely critical of Covid policies? I know there's the usual toxic or Far Right trolls, but you're like... becoming more than worrisome putting everyone in a same basket.

But I'm totally fine with governments making vaccines available for free everywhere, for those like Luke that need them. Of course *it's to every person to have a final say on what they do with their own body*, rite?