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While I am sympathetic to those who choose to live "off the grid" in order to avoid unwanted impositions on their lives, I am not yet ready to cede social spaces and our shared culture to the authoritarians, since everything that defines us as human involves social interaction and relationships of one kind or another - often antagonistic ones. I resist the new authoritarian attacks made under the guise of a concern for public health as much as possible - ignoring or openly defying rules whenever I judge the risks or the costs to be acceptable. I discuss, debate, or argue about these issues with anyone who shows an interest - either in person, or online. I even occasionally wear provocative t-shirts (and so far, have gotten mostly positive comments about those). I look forward to the day when there will be a high enough and visible level of resistance in Chicago that I will be able to find comrades (or as Wolfi Landstreicher might say, "accomplices") with whom to share the pleasure and the adventure of the revolution of everyday life.