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it's funny you talk about sharing space when you come off as so unwilling to even entertain negotiating that space with people, so much so that you spent an entire day trying to accuse that anarchist gathering in montreal of being like 1984 because they want people to be willing to work out space with each other when it comes to covid.

You talk about shared culture and and social spaces but mention in the next breath that you don't have friends to do radical stuff with - are you just spending your time wearing provocative t-shirts (?) and arguing with people online?

tbh i have no idea how I'd share space with you because you come off as someone who's both very intent on asserting their autonomy (don't even ask me to do something i don't want to do you authoritarian) while totally disrespecting the autonomy of others if they're doing something different by accusing them of not knowing what they're doing, being sheep, being cops, not being informed, etc.