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Biden is taking two big risks with his vaccine mandate: One is that 7 of 10 unvaxxed people in a recent poll claimed they would quit their job in response to a vaccine mandate. That means some companies will stop bidding on government contracts to avoid losing their workers, while others might have labor shortages in MAGAt areas where vaccinations are unpopular. The other is that the extreme right might see this as a declaration of war.

We need a way to allow people to refuse to share airspace or otherwise associate with those who refuse vaccines without resorting to making the vaccine compulsory. Then we get the whole vaccine passport mess.

For myself, I am vaxxed (genetic lung issue means unvaxxed covid would kill me), but will never allow a tracking app (vaccine or otherwise) on any of my electronic devices. I have kept all of my entertainment etc outdoors since this whole thing began, am not employed etc, so can get by without the apps so long as they are never required to by groceries etc. To clubs I used to patronize before the pandemic but which now collect phone numbers for contract tracing, I say "you do what you need to do, I am doing what I need to do and will see you when this is all the way over" with no beefs.