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The point about inflitrators is interesting. Yet, this reads like a leftist trying to distance a bunch of leftist thinking and activities as anything but, while insisting a re-ignition of 20 year old leftist activist thinking and activities. Maybe the entire framework of marx (forcing an economic configuration that doesn't exist upon the world) and left is devoid of contributing much besides the usual tropes of christian lack that are millenarian black and white thinking. There's no other fucking world! This planet is already every organism's common livingspace. Never can any leftist include the continuum we're situated within as the primary organizing influence, with active spatial dynamics that engender all life. Therein is a major problem. There's the impasse.

I'm not sure many in America want actual change so much as another easy scapegoat (i would indeed file so much talk about climate change as boiling down to being another such framing device because the most anyone tends to write about implications remain in the realm of taking money out of politics and doing different consumer choices when they'll have less impact than the 16 cargo ships that make the bulk of the world's pollution).

What's also of interest is how he carefully forgets that little event J6. Whatever we are to make of that (and i identify more with the text boom! than antifa) it is nothing i've ever seen or heard about in my 35yrs.