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most of my critiques have already been said, I almost completely agree with everything he says about what happened to aragorn being some serious bullshit and/or the product of people misusing what little power and influence they were briefly enjoying.

he almost literally caws like a crow about how the stupid people who were mean to him are now adrift and deserve it, which is a pretty damned simple reduction of the entire anti-fascist movement in the US. it just feels lazy...

and lastly, his definition of fascism is just ... completely pathetic. not even trying? like, how do you miss 99% of the nuance and break out that old canard of "only the seig heiling ones with the boots count". come on dude! it's specifically american fascism, forever interwoven and inseparable from the "nationalism" that he concedes trump was about.

he even MENTIONS the socialist definition that alleges fascism is capitalism's immune system, how can you be aware of that theory and then so miserably fail to apply it, even a little bit? whatever. i guess being a druid takes up too much mental energy