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Just because Trump was unable to consolidate power and get say, an Enabling Act through Congress doesn't mean he wasn't trying. The main difference between him and classical Fascists was that he was not (yet) focussed on external wars or on centralizing the economy. Remember that Mussolini spent nearly as long as an elected head of state as Trump did before seizing absolute power. Think of Trump as a small-f fascist, but just as dangerous as any capital-F Fascist.

The Proud Boys have a lot of chilling parallels with the Nazi SA-and they themselves had better remember what happened to the SA after Hitler got what he wanted: the Night of the Long Knives. The rest of the MAGAts show the same ultranationalism that could have been expected in a Nazi street march in 1931, a Fascist march in 1920's Italy, etc. The ultranationalism, the replacement of governmental officials with his cronies, the violence, the focussed persecution of selected out-groups, and yes-the effort to overturn elections and sieze absolute power are all out of the Fascist playbook. Even the Washington Post in a long-ago story gave Trump more than half of all possible "Benitos" for his policy choices-and more once in office than when running for office.

Perhaps in 2024 the GOP could use this slogan: Vote Trump and never have to vote again! Of course, they will attempt to take power no matter how people vote, same as last time.

As for 2017, anarchists and antifa get credit for taking away his honeymoon by disrupting the J20/2017 Inauguration. Had that battle gone the other way, Trump would have been inaugurated before a screaming crowd, exultant from driving antifa off the streets. The wind would have been at his back, he would have quickly resurrected NSEERS for his Muslim registry, his Muslim ban would have been in effect within days, the Keystone XL would be flowing tar sands "oil" to export terminals, and the FBI would have been hunting anyone left of the Democrats from coast to coast, and the concentration camps for migrants would have rivalled the size of North Korea's. Instead he never got his registry or the Keystone, his travel ban was delayed over 6 months, and the police witch-hunt bogged down. Summer aftger summer he launched assaults on migrants, and summer after summer we turned back the worst of those policies. In particular, the proposed "family operation" to send ICE door to door in cities was shut down hard.

All that because we had the courage to resist.