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I liked this post. I will try to read more from you.
I've for a long time felt like anarchism in theory seems very appealing, the way to analyze society and some of the prescriptions for how to fix it seem most sensible.
To me these always seem to mean decentralization, skepticism of authority and narratives. They lend themselves naturally to disobeying the state unless a good reason is given, to not trust without strong reason etc.
They lead to being skeptical of narratives that force themselves into our culture very quickly, abruptly and violently. The things I'm thinking of are: the forced mass-vaccination efforts, the mass censorship, the dehumanization of the political opponents on the right.

It seems like anarchists should be looking out for co-opts of their movements, and to me progressivism looks very much like this. A way to re-focus lefist anti-capitalism onto a much more vague enemy in "oppression" inequality, that seemingly isn't possible to attack, often isn't there unless you squint and when it is there is usually much less damaging than it's old economic counterpart.

When I look at the left and the right, both of them seem to have large cancerous parts. You have the facists on the right, and the progressives on the left. Yet they both also seem to have parts that really should be working together. I see so many right-wing libertarians that I could easily confuse with old-anarchists. They want to decentralize society, live independent lives and make sure others are free from oppression. Of course, if you get into the nitty-gritty you will see differences in their fundamental ideas (at least usually) but the same is true when you get into the nitty-gritty of comparing the views of left-wing anarchists.

In short, the right-left political spectrum does not seem to be very descriptive to me about how the actual ideological camps line up and exist in reality. A more accurate and useful way of looking at the political spectrum seems to me to look at it as populism vs establishment.
Progressive anarchists represent the establishment, and anarchists like you represent the old anarchy and the anti-populist theory.

It's a breath of fresh air to read what you have to say, thank you.