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so like, rhetorical question but where ya from?

cuz I'll entertain the theoretical possibility that out there somewhere is a place where a whole grassroots movement of anti-vaxxers has formed without it being rotten to the core with every variety of far right scum but WHERE anon? where is it?

i'm critical of many aspects of the state's covid responses as an anarchist. i also worked emergency services, have medical training, understand basic science about pathogens and don't want to act like a libertarian jackass or too much of a dark green accelerationist who deliberately bears the plague to all the old folks homes because kill all humans or whatever.

anyway, the "anti-vax movement" to whatever extent it's comprised of sincere people, had better start smashing all those nazi shitheads standing next to them in the streets or else the rest of us can reasonably wonder why they're keeping such vile company.